Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Fatherhood Important to Drew Cameron Shytle

There are plenty of people who say that once you have children that your "life is over." They think that because you have a child you can't have any fun or do the same things you used to do. Well, for many people, they probably shouldn't be doing the sort of partying or activities they were doing when they were in the early and mid twenties! Unfortunately everyone has to grow up eventually. But Drew Cameron Shytle has never seen having a child as a negative thing, and it definitely doesn't end your life as some people claim.

Drew Cameron Shytle has a son which he loves very much. Drew Cameron Shytle will be the first to admit that his life has changed since he had a child, but for the better, not for the worse. Having a child has helped Drew Cameron Shytle be less selfish in all aspects of his life. Once you have a child your life isn't only about you and what you want. It feels good to be able to provide for someone and to live so that they can have a better life and better education than you did.

Drew Cameron Shytle often thinks about what it means to be a good father. There is no handbook to fatherhood and it can be really hard at times. Sure people, the media, movies, and all sorts of resources can offer advice but ultimately it's the person who follows their gut when it comes to a lot of decisions. Drew Cameron Shytle hopes he makes the right decisions every day with his son. At the very least he knows he needs to lead by example and be a good person so his son can emulate him as he grows up.

Drew Cameron Shytle is very happy to be a father and looks forward to the challenge every day, even though some days are hard, there are many more days that are extremely rewarding.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Drew Cameron Shytle Runs His Own Business

Every American at some point in their life thinks about running their own business. Being your own boss is one of the dreams of every American worker. Of course, thinking about how great that would be isn't usually exactly how the reality is, but being an entrepreneur and running your own business is one of the ultimate expressions of American freedom that a person can accomplish. Business, making money, and freedom are all encompassed in that activity.

Drew Cameron Shytle was never someone who was gung-ho on being an entrepreneur and running his own business. Of course, he thought about running his own business; it sounds like a great idea to everyone working in the US. It took a fun game of Cornhole for Drew Cameron Shytle to get his "eureka moment" where he realized he had a chance to run his own business.

Drew Cameron Shytle realized there was a great opportunity to take a popular game played in his neck of the woods and throughout the country and turn it into a successful business. Drew Cameron Shytle created his own business called Legit Cornhole.

Legit Cornhole makes high-quality and official Cornhole boards so that anyone who wants to enjoy the game as it was meant to be played can do just that. Additionally, Drew Cameron Shytle's Legit Cornhole provides high-quality custom Cornhole boards for people who want to put any sort of image or design on their boards.

Running the business has definitely been a challenge for Drew CameronShytle, especially in the beginning. But as the years go on it gets much easier for him to get things done more effectively and efficiently. He learns something every day about how best to run his business. He looks forward to going to work every day and is happy to be growing his own business.